While some hair stylists are known for “beach waves” or the “model off-duty” look Robert Vetica’s expertise knows no limits. He draws inspiration from art, culture, history and more and truly embodies the epitome of artistry in his craft. A trained hair-stylist with over 35 years of experience, Vetica is known for his classic coifs and reverence for women, femininity and beauty as “outer beauty should always be an expression of inner beauty.”

His roster of A-list celebrity beauty queens – Hilary Swank, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johannson, to name a few – is a testament to his devotion and commitment as an artist. With his skilled hands and keen eye for details he’s able to transform Salma Hayek into Louise Brooks in one image and Marie Antoinette in another – all within the same award-winning editorial.

Vetica’s skills go far beyond his styling mastery. An artist at heart, he trained as a classical pianist prior to working as a hairdresser and penned his debut novel – Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple – in 2009. This step-by-step manual of trade secrets makes his tricks of the trade accessible to the everyday woman, an effort he continues to practice every day.

Vetica’s commitment to making beauty an attainable ideal has made him ideal for partnering with high-profile brands in the field. His multi-year contract with Neutrogena combined product development and marketing—making the launch of the brand’s Triple Moisture an incredible success. His most recent collaboration with the cult-favorite Moroccanoil brand is sure to be a promising endeavor as Vetica’s enthusiasm and dedication always result in success.

When he’s not working on set or prepping a starlet for her red carpet moment Vetica is developing his second book. He continues to be inspired by his ability to take wet hair and create beauty from it – beauty that transcends a typical “hair style” or “look.” His belief that every woman has the capacity to be both a goddess and a cultural icon makes him an icon in his world and a talent to be reckoned with.